About Battery

About Battery 1.2

Get more from your iPhone battery


  • Displays remaining time for a number of functions
  • Clearly presented display


  • Calculations are not always precise


The default battery indicator on the iPhone looks pretty, but it doesn't really give you much information other than a general idea of how much juice you have left.

About Battery delivers a more powerful and advanced way of monitoring battery life on your iPhone. Rather than just give you an overview of the remaining power, the program breaks it down into calculations of the remaining time you have left for certain tasks.

About Battery tells you how much time you have left for standby, talk, Internet, video and audio, as well as giving you an overall percentage of the total power left. This information is presented in a very clear and attractive user interface, which utilizes bright, neon colors to make the information really stand out.

As well as relaying you with this stats, About Battery also includes a page of tips on how to maximize your power usage to get more time from each battery charge.

It's difficult to know exactly how accurate About Battery's predictions of remaining time are, but from our tests it seems that they may be a little off because often they don't seem to change after some minutes of using different apps and browsing the Internet.

That said, About Battery definitely offers a clearer way of gaging how much you can do before your iPhone's power dies.

More compatible with iPhone 3GS New application icon Estimated time left for game play (2D, 3D)


  • More compatible with iPhone 3GS New application icon Estimated time left for game play (2D, 3D)
About Battery


About Battery 1.2

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